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Kathleen Kangas, DPT

Say goodbye to chronic pain and reclaim your lifestyle.

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Myofascial Release + Pelvic Floor Therapy FOR WOMEN

Tired of generic solutions and conflicting advice? Quantum Physical Therapy & Wellness specializes in Myofascial Release and Pelvic Floor Therapy for Women, providing personalized care for your unique needs. Break free from limitations, understand your body on a deeper level, and regain the lifestyle you deserve.

Experience personalized one-on-one sessions incorporating various techniques, including Visceral Manipulation and movement therapy. Restore motion, reduce pain, and regain independence with self-treatment.

My Services

Women’s Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment

60 minutes | $252

(you will receive a superbill from your insurance company)

PT Treatment Follow-Up

55 minutes $202 

(ou will receive a superbill from your insurance company | no tipping allowed for physical therapy services)

Treatment Packages

Treatment packages x6 Save $100

Trusted Guidance

Break Free From Physical Limitations

Are you tired of generic solutions, long waits, and conflicting advice? If you’ve landed here, it’s likely because you’re seeking alternatives to prescriptions and surgeries. QPTW understands your frustration and offers a different approach.

Personalized Care for Healing

Discover that your issues can be treated and healed. Chronic pain and dysfunction cause emotional and physical stress, potentially leading to a modification in your lifestyle. We provide personalized care tailored to your unique needs, aiming to help you understand your body on a deeper level.

Myofascial Release and Pelvic Floor Therapy

Our hands-on technique addresses the root cause of the problem by relieving fascial restrictions. Our sessions include diverse techniques and movement therapy, promoting reduced pain, improved function, enhanced strength, flexibility, body awareness, and independence with self-treatment.

Understanding Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release targets the body’s fascia, the connective tissue surrounding muscles and organs. Physical trauma or stress causes the fascia to tighten, leading to issues like pain, immobility, and chronic swelling. With John Barnes’ hands-on method, we address the root cause by relieving fascial restrictions, resulting in reduced pain, improved function, enhanced strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Our personalized 55-minute sessions include Myofascial Release techniques, Visceral Manipulation, and movement therapy, empowering you to gain independence through self-treatment.

Pelvic Floor Therapy Unveiled

Pelvic Floor Therapy is a specialized approach addressing a spectrum of women’s health issues. Targeting the pelvic region, this therapy is effective for various conditions, including pelvic pain, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, mastectomy or radiation scars, vulvodynia, sacral/coccyx pain, painful fibrotic breasts, C-section, hysterectomy, or episiotomy scars, incontinence, urinary frequency or urgency, concerns about structural implications of birthing, and painful intercourse.

Our approach involves personalized care based on individual needs. Through hands-on techniques, exercise guidance, and a comprehensive understanding of pelvic anatomy, we help women regain control over their bodies.

I cannot recommend Kathleen Farris too highly.

When I first saw her about 10 years ago, I had debilitating problems with my hips and feet (plantar fasciitis) for which I had seen a doctor, a podiatrist, two chiropractors, a bodywork specialist, and two physical therapists, none of whom had helped. At that time I could not run across a street to save my life from an approaching car. Kathleen asked lots of questions, did a number of hands-on treatments, gave me exercises and stretches, and taught me how to use MFR balls. It wasn’t an overnight cure (it had taken me a long time to get into the shape I was in), but I improved at a steady rate, and became close to normal. Although I have moved away, ten years later I still do some of the stretches she gave me, still use MFR balls, and seem to be able to take care of any flare-ups. I can hike, walk, dash to catch a bus, and am not in pain. Try her!

Kathleen is one of the absolute BEST John F Barnes myofascial release (JFBMFR) specializing physical therapists in the DMV!

She is super knowledgeable, highly intuitive, and extremely skilled. We worked together for several years and I can report that she consistently had a lengthy waitlist because of her therapeutic gifts and wonderful outcomes. I always look forward to MY sessions with Kathleen (…yes, therapists need therapists)!

Kathleen from Quantum is a caring professional and is so well versed in Myofascial release.

She is always learning more to better herself and her profession. She has helped me in so many ways and has taught me self care methods that I continue to use daily. I highly recommend her and her practice…I assure you…you won’t be disappointed

Kathleen is very knowledgeable and has years of experience with her craft.

Whether you are having pelvic floor issues, want to feel better in your body, looking to heal from an injury or boost your well being, Kathleen can help you. Her intuitive and hands on skills are able to find the cause of your problem. Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious and she will have you feeling better and hopeful for what is possible to get you back to doing the things you love again.

Kathleen helped me immensely with my rotator cuff issue.

I went for 6-8 sessions and she had me feeling so much better each time. I had tried traditional physical therapy for 8 weeks and got nowhere near the relief I had from seeing Kathleen a handful of times. I was out of the gym for a couple months, now I’m back to it! Best part, I avoided surgery!


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