Welcome to Quantum Physical Therapy & Wellness. If you are on this website, you have already begun to look for something more than the typical treatment for your problem. We are ready to take your healing to the next level, and get you back to living your life fully with the least amount of physical limitation.

At Quantum Physical Therapy & Wellness, your experience of your problem will make a quantum shift. We are dedicated to helping you heal, become more independent, prevent re-injury and return to a pain- free life the way you envision it.

Why Come to Quantum Physical Therapy & Wellness?

Kathleen Troust, DPT
Now seeing patients at
TAVO Total Health
4701 Willard Ave #1603
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
301-652-2522 (o)
202-288-5389 (c)
Kathleen is an amazing physical therapist and person, who gives of herself everyday and generously opens possibilities for others. --Susan
Kathleen is extremely intuitive, compassionate, and helpful in her practice of awakening the mind/body connection in her patients. --Ann